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Historical souvenir – A famous citizen of Argentina – Jordan Wysocki – birth data in Poland different than in encyclopedias

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Tadeusz Wysocki
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Historical souvenir from an amateur genealogist – other than in encyclopedias birth data of a famous Pole in Argentina

Famous citizen of Argentina JORDAN CZESLAW WYSOCKI / JORDAN SZCZĘSŁAW WYSOCKI – his life in Poland, his and his family’s first documents found!

To correct the data: The real date of birth of Jordan Czesław Wysocki is not 1839 (given in encyclopedias) but 1837, his names are not Jordan Czesław, but Jordan Szczęsław, and finally his father’s name is not August, but Augustyn – from a Latin source.

Below I present scans of the original entry of his birth from Poland, as well as the entry of the birth of his sister Stanisława Augusta Wysocka

I. Registration of the birth of JORDAN SZCZĘSŁAW WYSOCKI

Pinchov. 42. 42.
It happened in Pinczów on February 16 th, eighteen hundred and thirty-seventh year at three in the afternoon, Wżny Augustyn Wysocki, Professor of Regional Schools, aged fifty-two, lived in Pinczów, in the presence of WJX Bazyli Kowalski, Inspector of Schools fifty-six and Born Marcin Baszewicz (born Marcin Basze? ) a fifty-year-old teacher at the District School of Housing in Pinczów, who lived in Pinczów, and showed us a Male Child in Pinczów, born on the thirteenth day of the month and this year at eight o’clock in the morning of his wife Monika Marczyński, forty years old. This child was given the names Jordan Szczesław at the Baptism of today by Wmgo Wincenty Klamczyński, the Vicar, and his godparents were the above-mentioned WJX Bazyli Kowalski and Wmżna Tekla Kulikowska. This act has been read by us and the Appearants and signed.

Grzegorz Suchański Pleban Pinczowski
August: Wysocki Marcin Banasiewicz
Bazyli Kowalski


Pinchov 70.
Happened in Pinczów on the Eleventh Day of Maia Thousand Eight hundred and Thirty-third of the year at three in the afternoon, it appeared. Augustyn Wysocki Professor, forty-seven, living in Pinczów, lived in the presence of WJX Bazyli Kowalski, Rector, aged fifty-three, and born in Pinczów. Ignacy Checiński, Professor of Provincial Schools, thirty-six years old, housed in Pinczów, and showed us a female child in Pinczów. The saints today were given the names of Stanisław August, and his godparents were the above-mentioned WJX Bazyli Kowalski Rector and Tekla Kulikowska, Assisted Birth. Ignacy Checiński Professor and Maryanna Pożnańska, This act has been read and signed by us and the participants.
Aug: Wysocki Grzegorz Suchański Pleban Pinczowski
Bazyli Kowalski
Ignacy Chęciński

From the above-mentioned entries about the Wysocki family and their close friends living in Pińczów, Poland (under Russia) in the 19th century, we can say and confirm:

I. Augustyn Wysocki – professor / teacher of provincial and district schools in Pińczów, noble, born around 1785/6 in …………… ..

II. His wife Monika Wysocka coming from the Marczyński family, born around 1796/7 in ………………

III. Their daughter, Stanisław August Wysocka – born in Pińczów in 1833.

IV. Their son Jordan Szczęsław Wysocki – born in Pińczów in 1837.

Their friends in Pińczów were:

1. Marcin Banasiewicz – professor / teacher of schools in Pińczów, noble

2. Ignacy Chęciński – professor / teacher of schools in Pińczów, noble

3. Bazyli Kowalski – rector, inspector of schools in Pińczów, priest, nobleman

4. Tekla Kulikowska (Kulikowski family) – a noblewoman

5. Maryanna / Marianna Pożnańska (the Poznański / Pożnański family) –

Priests in the parish in Pińczów:

1. Grzegorz Suchański – pastor of the Pińczów parish

2. Wincenty Klamczyński – vicar of the Pińczów parish, noble

(I give all these names with the hope that they will be valuable in the genealogical search for other families in Poland).

I was able to find in the historical documents of Poland from the 19th century confirmation of the professor / teacher of geography and arithmetic Augustyn Wysocki, residing in in Pińczów in the 19th century (all information with surnames may be useful for teachers / students of schools in Pińczów)

Document: “Government Commission of Religious Denominations and Public Education – Yearbook of religious and educational institutes … – 1824”

page 149 states “The composition of the Teachers’ Assembly of the Faculty School in Pińczów (faculty of the Academy in Krakow):

# Rector, Father Marcin Bazyli Kowalski, teaches Polish

# Prefect priest Ignacy Reynowicz, teaches religion and morality

# Professor Augustyn Wysocki, teaches arithmetic and geography

# Professor Leopold Grabowski, teaches German and geography

# Replace Professor Jan Wittman teaches physics

# Teacher Wawrzeniec (Wawrzyniec) Chęciński, teaches Latin and calligraphy

# Marcella Banasiewicz’s teacher – teaches universal history, artmetics, geography and technology

# Replace teacher Stanisław Janicki – teaches Polish, Latin and natural history

(+ page 147 gives information about the school: “Faculty School in Pińczów – Brief historical information about the Institute”)

I am continuing my genealogical research on this Wysocki family, I will be very grateful for any information about this family.

Created by / Copyright:

Tadeusz Wysocki – member of PTG – Polish Genealogical Society, the member of the PTG – Polish Genealogical Society

Warsaw / Warsaw, Poland, April 13, 2010 Email: dho@dho.com.pl


Email: narodowa@narodowa.pl

Below I present a scan of the found entry of the (second) wedding from Pińczów from 1862 to Augustyn Piotr Wysocki – father of Jordan Szczesław Wysocki

I. Entry of the marriage of Augustine Piotr Wysocki:

Pinchov. 36. 36.
It happened in Pińczów on the twenty-eighth day of October, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, at five in the evening. We know that in the minds of witnesses Wgo Jan Rybicki, Secretary , forty-five, and W. Antoni Gajewski, Kasyer of the Town Hall of the City of Pińczów, aged thirty-three, now living in Pińczów, a religious marriage was entered into by Father Franciszek Smółka, Prefect of the Pińczione Junior High School, Pobłogione between Wmjy August Piotr of two names Wysocki , a widower after the deceased day of June 22 this year in Pińczów, Monika née Marczyńska, son of the former Walenty and Joanna from the Urbański spouses of the Wysocki family, already deceased, born in the City of Leszno in the Grand Duchy of Poznań, currently seventy-seven , a professor retired here in Pińczów, living here in Pińczów, and Mrs. and the Koniecpol Parish on the twenty-seventh day of July, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-four years twenty-eight, living here in Pińczów near her parents. This marriage was preceded by three announcements on the twelfth, nineteenth and twenty- sixth days of the current month and year in the Pińczów Parish Church of preached. Stamming the marriage did not take place. The consent for this marriage was confirmed by the newlywed’s parents orally. The new spouses stated that they had not concluded any prenuptial agreement between them. This deed was read to the appearing persons and witnesses and signed by us.

Fr. Jacek Langier A parson of the Pińczów parish, who keeps the registry books.
Jan Rybicki Stanisław Zaborowski Father
Wysocki August:
A. Gajewski Jc. Of the Zaboroski family of Henryka Wysocka

The above entry shows the place of origin of Jordan’s father – Augustine (Augustyn) Piotr Wysocki as the city of Leszno located in the Grand Duchy of Poznań in the 19th century.

So August (yn) Piotr Wysocki was born in Leszno in (around) 1785, and his parents were Walenty Wysocki and Joanna Wysocka née Urbańska.

I am trying to continue my genealogical research on the line of this Wysocki family, this time in the city of Leszno from the 18th century, I will be very grateful for any information about this family.

Created by / Copyright:

Tadeusz Wysocki, member of PTG – Polish Genealogical Society

Warsaw Email: dho@dho.com.pl

and his non-for-profit and open website / webgalerie www.narodowa.pl

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