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Wieteccy Brothers in Słupca 1938

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Janina Janiszewska
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I call these photos “The Four Musketeers” because they stand so proud, worthy and trusting. This is a priceless souvenir for me, where I see my grandfather Franciszek Wietecki with his 3 brothers who came to Słupca, to their mother and brother Stanisław. Another brother, Teofil Wietecki, lived in the USA from 1907 and died there as a veteran of the First and Second World War. I received the photos a few years ago from the descendants of Stanisław Wietecki from Słupca and for me this is a find on a par with the discovery of the tombs of the pharaohs in Egypt

  1. In the photo, from the left, are Stanisław (from Słupca), Jan (from Kalisz), Franciszek (from Chodzież) and Wojciech (from Kalisz)
  2. In the photo, from the left according to seniority: Jan (1896-1971), Stanisław (1894-1967), Franciszek (1885-1953), Wojciech (1880-1963)
  3. In the photo taken in the USA, the state of Minnesota in 1920, there is Teofil (Tofil) Wietecki with his wife Stella née Leśniewska.
  4. The photo from my grandfather’s funeral in Deszczno near Gorzów Wielkopolski in 1953 shows the only sister of these brothers, Józef Wietecek, about whom I know the least
  5. Cropped photo of Józefa Wietecka (born 1888)
  6. In this only photo I can see my great-grandmother Magdalena Wietecka (1852-1941) (1852-1941) sitting in 1939 surrounded by the family of her younger son Stanisław from Słupca, with whom she lived.

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