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To Narodowa GA.PA – Several Old Books (Ingenheim Palace Library!) Bought in 1945 at a public market, probably in Opole

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Maciej Bernhardt
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I bought the books in 1946-47 at a market in Opole or Wrocław. MB MB

Dear Mr. Tadeusz !!!
One more confirmation of the power of the Internet and the usefulness and effectiveness of the Souvenirs Gallery.
A few years ago I handed over to GaPa photocopies of the first pages of old books bought in 1945 at a street market (if I remember correctly) in Opole.
These photocopies were seen by a PhD student (Magdalena or Brygida Palica) in art history, who was preparing a dissertation on a collection of paintings and a large library in the palace of the German family of the Counts Ingenheim, and she reached me via GaPa. After exchanging correspondence and finding out that the books (from the market) came from the abovementioned palace library (30,000 volumes) and are the only ones whose fate is known, I passed them on through Mrs. Brygida to the successor of the Ingenheim family. I received a letter from her a few days ago with extremely warm and heartfelt thanks. And all – thank to You!!!
Best regards,
Maciej Bernhardt

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