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The book was saved from the ruins of the Warsaw Uprising

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Maria and Kazimierz Adamowicz, Warsaw - Włochy, Popularna Street
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If possible, we would like to pass to the virtual National Gallery GA.PA:

– One small memory from the Warsaw Uprising dedicated to books
– An example of a book saved from the ruins of the Warsaw Uprising from World War II

– The memory of the war and the Warsaw Uprising is a picture of the cruel destruction of tenement houses in downtown Warsaw after the bombing, a tragic view of many houses with only side walls left, an open view of an apartment on the second floor of the tenement house with a wall full of books and paintings and a piano left on the small a scrap of floor as if stuck to the other two walls.

– This one book that was saved is “WACŁAWY DIARY” FROM THE MEMORIES OF THE YOUNG VIRGIN Part II, Eliza Orzeszkowa, WRITTEN Comprehensive Collective Edition with an Introduction by Aureli Drogoszewski Volume XVI. bombing the city and scattering many books on the street. We keep it at home as a souvenir of war and our relic. Unfortunately, we know nothing about the owners of this book. Attached are the scanned pages with the number, stamp READING ROOM WTD No. XIII and a commemorative dedication on the first page (signed – W. Niewiadomska).

And if it is possible to reflect on the need to learn the imagination of children and young people already in schools – what our pre-war teachers taught every day and kept asking us students to write “My view from the window”, “My memories …”, or for example “The story of an item brought from home, such as a button from an old uniform.” This developed skill of imagination and respect for memory will surely bear fruit in the sensitive adult life of every human being.

We cordially greet all visitors to the GA.PA virtual gallery,

Maria and Kazimierz Adamowicz, Warsaw – Italy, 2002.

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