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Souvenirs – Collection Weekly Illustrated + Best Friends from SGPiS (now SGH)

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Tadeusz "Mały" Wysocki
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A few old books donated to me by a good neighbor – a house “over the fence” – Włochy near Warsaw Henryk Szczygłowski – wife Barbara Szczygłowska – son of Rafał Szczygłowski.

Henio has been a dear friend since his studies at SGPiS – now SGH; I want to mention here the warmest and extraordinary three friends – HENRYK ROSIŃSKI, Marek Lewandowski and Bogdan Jankowski (including an extraordinary joint auto-hitch trip around Hungary, Bulgaria …)

We also have a family memento at home after aunt Eugenia – Eugenia Maternicka (Head of the Correspondence with Clients Department of the pre-war editorial office of the famous Gebethner and Wolff publishing house) and uncle Wincenty Skorka (Wincenty Skorka, memories from Manchuria) – several hundred copies of the periodical ] [niektóre oprawione w rocznikach] from the beginning of the 20th century and a large number of other magazines and sheet music. And what am I to do with them?

The content of these weeklies is great. Many beautiful texts about the life of our nation at the beginning of the 20th century, many beautiful illustrations and very interesting commercial advertisements – maybe the GA.PA National Gallery will put some of these content, illustrations and advertisements? Can you count on your opinions on which selected materials from the ILLUSTRANE WEEKLY are worth publishing?

I am waiting for you, visitors of the GA.PA National Gallery, comments and heartfelt greetings.

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