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Souvenir – Oil picture signed by K. Shevchenko – does anyone have more information about this painter?

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Czesław H.
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Attached I am sending you a scan of the painting by W. Makowski and, in addition, a scan of a small oil painting signed by K. Shevchenko – the history of his purchase is similar to that of Makowski. Perhaps someone has more information about this painter?

I cordially greet you, wishing you prosperity and health in the New Year.

Czesław H.


Here is the information I found about this painter.

best regards,

Konstanty Szewczenko

K. Shevchenko 1910-1991 studied in the studio of F. Kowarski and T. Pruszkowski at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1928-32. He painted genre scenes and portraits. He worked as a set designer at the Rozmaitości Theater in 1934-35. He collaborated with the publishing house “Atlas” in Lviv, he published illustrations in “Kurier Poranny”. He is the author of portraits of Ignacy Mościcki, Edward Rydz-Śmigły, he created a series entitled: “Polish regional types” and “Semitic types”. He has exhibited at home and abroad. His works are in the collection of the Polish Army Museum.

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