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Souvenir – oil painting with the signature of Mirski, the donor came from Sosnowiec, some news about the painter with the pseudonym “Mirski” …

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Jacek Buszewicz
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Hello and welcome

I am the owner of an oil painting with Mirski’s signature without a name (attached). I have had it since the 1960s, probably bought near Sosnowiec – the donor came from Sosnowiec. Hence my request to you to familiarize yourself with the attached photos with a caption and the possibility of answering which painter I actually have at home. From the sources I know, Makowski used the pseudonym Mirski. The information that Mirski was a painter, moreover, he worked and lived in Sosnowiec, Radom, and spent the last years in Tarnów, arrested by the Gestapo, and died in Oświęcim in 1942, may help in identification. I will be grateful for the time devoted to my case and possible answer.

Yours sincerely,

Jacek Buszewicz

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