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Recollection, Old Books “Family Kazan Collections” saved from Warmia

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Bożenna Hanczka
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Old Books of “Family Kazan Collections” saved from Warmia

Dear GA.PA Gallery,

here are two old “Family Kazan Collections” with the following story:
it was 1965/1966, as a student of ethnography I was sent to student internships in Warmia (near Olsztyn), where we assessed the state of damage to houses that had just been abandoned by the indigenous people as part of the action resettlement of local people to Germany. I hid these two books, which would inevitably be destroyed, “under my jacket”, to save them, at my house survived the entire period of the commune, now I am glad that I found a place inon the Internet, the GA.PA gallery, whereI can “revive” them, maybe also for families from Germany, after all, this is our common European cultural heritage. These unique family books are written in a special typeface known as Szwabacha (Schwabacher). Finally, I would like to point out that in the same town such books were kept both in Polish (book 1) and in German (book 2), which says a lot about the history of good coexistence of nations and languages ​​in this part of Europe for many years. centuries. Yes, our 20th century was tragic for many nations and families – they had to leave their most precious place on earth – their homelands, births, childhood, their ancestors.
Best regards to all visitors of the GA.PA gallery,
Bożenna Hanczka

The scans are attached:

Book 1. “Family Chronicle” – “Evangelical Testimony of Truth …” – family: Michal Bodzian born in 1862 and Maria Bodzian née Piechottka born in 1862; “My own children” (scan attached) and “In the family of families” (scan attached). Book – 861 pages in total.

Last page – also entries of the Biber (Fritz, Emilie, Gertrut, Helmut, Rut, Edit) and Witulski (Urszula, Gertrut) families + supplement of the Bodzian family (Michal, Marie).

Book 2. “Familien Chronik” – “Evangelische Zeugnisse der Mahrheit …” – familie: Fritz Kraschewski geb. 1897 und Wilh (Wilhelmine?) Kraschewski geb. 1903; kindern und eigenen Familie (scan.).

Book – total pages 1022.

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