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Recollection of the trip “Polish souvenir” – The inscription on the sash Sachsenhausen camp in the late 1950s “Great son of the German nation Ernstu Thälman …”

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Prof. Maciej Bernhardt
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Welcome to the GA.PA National Gallery,

While organizing the old photos, I found a curiosity, a copy of which I attach for possible use.

I took the photo in the Sachsenhausen camp in the late 1950s. Its quality – poor, but the inscription on the sash of the wreath is interesting:

“To the great son of the German nation Ernst Thälman – the Żółkiew Minister of the People’s Republic of Poland”.

As you can see, neither the minister nor the ambassador of the People’s Republic of Poland needed to know Polish grammar or syntax. It was enough that they knew Russian …

Thank you for placing in the gallery,

Maciej Bernhardt

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