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Polish national memento – Document from 19th century Poland

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Gilberto Magroski, Paraiba, Brazil
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Hi, all

I was viewing a microfilm from Klodawa (near Kolo and Konin) (1862) when I
came across a different type of death records. Whereas all other records
were handwritten ones, a few of them had a printed head, where it reads:
Prokurator Krolewski
Przy Trybunalie Cywilnym
Gubernii Warszawskiej
w Warszawie
(the body of the record was handwritten)

Could these be records of inssurectionists who took part on the Risings?

Gilberto Magroski, Paraiba, Brazil


Reply from Narodowa.pl, after deciphering:


I’ve decipher this document almost fully, this is not the record of the man
sentenced to death, this is just a official note, from the General
Prosecutor of the Russian Gubernia Warszawska, to the parish in Klodawa (the
place of his origin) to note in the parish/civil books about his death dd
Oct 8, 1855 (so before the Powstanie Styczniowe – January Uprising 1863/4).

But I will load it to Narodowa.pl, every piece of the history is worth to be
preserved for other searchers.

Take care,



Deciphering in Polish:

Prosecutor Krolewski
the Civil Tribunal of
the Warsaw Governorate
in Warsaw
on 20/2 April / May 1862
To: Parish Superior
in the city of Klodawa
in the Warsaw Poviat
No: 3736

By sending the deed of death of Growski (?)
Franciszek, a native of the village of Glogowa, in accordance with
the rescript of the Kommissyi of the Government
of Justice of February 20 / March 7 , in the case
of No. 3120, I call on the Superior to make
a mention of the following text:
“As a result of of the ordinance of the Prosecutor of the King of Poland at the Civil Tribunal of the Warsaw Governorate in Warsaw on April 20 / May 2 (current year) for No. 3736 based on the rescript of the Government Justice Kommissy and on February 22 / March 7 , for No. 3120 mention that Growski (?) Franciszek Captain of the Polish Army,

then a confectioner native
from the village of Glogowa on October 8
, 1855, at the age of 59, he ended his life
in P …… .. (?) and M …… (?) Department of
Ariege .. (?) ”.
Such a mention W. Postponed with the signature …


Notes Narodowa.pl: The surname Growski seems to be incorrect? In the Klodawa parish there are approximate names: Gorski, Graczyk, Gralak, Grabski, and

probably the correct Captain’s data are: Franciszek Grabski (?),
Coming from the village of Glogowa (Glogowa), the parish of Klodawa
(Klodawa) Mazowsze, Poland.


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