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Our Little Homeland – Kwilcz, the Kwilecki family, family history, family heirlooms

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Anna née Kwileckich - Krzyżanowska
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From: Anna Krzyżanowska krzyzanowskaa @ acn.waw.pl

To: narodowa@narodowa.pl

Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2004 11:08 PM

Subject: Memories of Kazimierz and Maria KWILECKI

Hello, the GA.PA National Virtual Gallery

I am sending photos of my grandparents Kazimierz and Maria née Karska – KWILECKI. All information about the Grandparents comes from the book “KWILCZ”, written by Andrzej Kwilecki. He got the estates of Goslawice and Grodziec from his father, Mieczysław in 1898.

My grandfather was born in 1863 in Paris. In 1893 he married Maria Karska and they settled in Grodziec. My uncle Mieczysław and Father Stanisław were born here. There was an orphanage in Grodziec. Grodziec was in the Russian partition, under the guise of taking care of children, she taught reading and writing in Polish. Reading the book “Kwilcz” we learn that in the interwar period Kazimierz Kwilecki was ranked 77th among the five hundred richest landowners in Poland. My grandfather was a very good host. Goslawice Licheń and Grodziec were mentioned in the literature as leaders in the cultivation of potatoes. Kazimierz Kwilecki was also counted among the leading sugar beet growers. Kazimierz died on May 18, 1935. My grandmother, after her husband’s death, lived for a short time in Grodziec. After the engagement of her son / my father / Stanisław with Eliza Broel-Plater, she moved to Warsaw. She survived the entire occupation in Warsaw, and after the war she moved to Milanówek. She died there in 1951.

I wrote a memory based on the book:


author: Andrzej Kwilecki

sent to the GA.PA National Gallery:

Anna née Kwilecka – Krzyżanowska


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am sending 2 photos of houses in the Grodziec estate near Konin, where my grandparents KAZIMIERZ and MARIA KWILECCY and parents STANISLAW and ELIZA z Broel Platerów KWILECCY lived … . There are beautiful large rooms in the old palace, but as I read in some study, it was very difficult to heat such large rooms. After 1880, the owner of the town, Piotr Bieliński, the later Senator, erected a residential palace, and left the old palace for representative purposes, this state remained until 1939. I provide this information on the basis of the brochure / in my possession / entitled “PALACE IN GRODZCU NEAR KONIN”. These houses are close to my heart. My great-grandparents Mieczysław and Maria née Mańkowski lived there, and then my grandparents and parents.

Anna née Kwilecki- Krzyżanowska



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From: “Agnieszka Jaźwińska” <nemezis_999 @ wp.pl>
Sent: Sunday, July 18, 2010 11:39 PM
Subject: Question about the “PALACE IN GRODZCU NEAR KONIN” by Jan Skuratowicz

Agnieszka Jaźwińska
Łagiewniki, Grodziec (the exact address is known to the GA.PA National Gallery)

P. Anna née Kwilecka – Krzyżanowska

I warmly welcome,

My name is Agnieszka Jaźwińska. Searching for various information about Grodziec, I came to the website ” https://www.narodowa.pl/pamietniki/23/eksponat.htm “, where you mention that you are in possession of Jan Skuratowicz’s brochure “PALACE IN GRODŹC NEAR KONIN”.

Due to the fact that I live near the said Grodziec, I started collecting various information about my immediate area. I would like to know if it is possible for this brochure to be made available to me in an electronic version? In the form of a scan.
As far as I know, even the library in Grodziec does not have such a brochure, and having it would be a valuable souvenir.

Sincerely, Agnieszka Jaźwińska

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