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Old Notes for the Virtual Gallery of National Memorabilia – CHOPIN BALLADES from the beginning of the 20th century XX century

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Karolina P.
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Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to submit a musical souvenir, Chopin’s notes from the early Twentieth century, which are in our house:
Balladen und Impromtus von FR. CHOPIN

Kritish revidiert und mit Fingersatz versehen von Hermann Scholtz

Gigentum des Verlegers
published around 1900, around 500 pages, framed.
I enclose a scan of the title page and the first ballad, in the hope that the souvenir will come to life, probably our previous generations learned music from it and this important sensitivity, now it is so difficult to find a piano in our busy homes, but let our Chopin play.
I cordially greet all visitors to the gallery, thank you again,
Karolina P.

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