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National Souvenir from the USA – “Polish Falcons in US, abt 1911” – Polish Falcons, USA, around 1911 1911r

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Dear Tad,

Pic 1 is of some sort of Polish Club/Lodge or something # 241, Wilkeson WA. Can you tell me what it says?
Pic 2 is of a Wedding in Wilkeson, WA 1910 Dziedzic and Tilenda are the surnames
Pic 3 is in Wilkeson Wa 1920 Gathering in front of a barber shop, why? who knows.

Great stuff!

Pa Pa Stu


From Tad (Tadeusz), www.narodowa.pl :

Dear Stu, thank you for next wonderful Polonica mementoes from US found out by you!, I checked the history and different weblinks trying to answer your questions and seems there are first photos of the Polish Falcons in USA published for all!, thank you!:

Pic 1 : yes, seems it’s one of the oldest societes of the Polish immigrants in USA named POLSKIE SOKOLY (Polish Falcons), The full sentence from this photo in Polish is:
“Gniazdo Sokolow Polskich Nr 241
Wilkeson, Wn.”
= “The Net of the Polish Falcons Number 241
Wilkeson, Wn.”

Many people in US could recongnise their ancestors here on this photo.

Pic 2 : We can not see the surnames of the bridge and groom DZIEDZIC and TILENDA (also in origin Polish could be TYLENDA) but this photo is also invaluable for the history and imagination of the all life from the beg of the 20th century! Thank you!

Pic 3 : Seems it’s meeting of the same POLISH FALCONS in America, Net # 241, Wilkeson, Wn., before a barber shop, maybe this barber was the president of the local Polish Falcons?

Stu, thank you again!, I’m proud helping in colecting and preserving for all of us and for next our generations so invaluable national, Poland and USA mementos.



Hello Tad,
I wanted to share with you on this so lovely of a Sunday day with sunshine we are having, these newly bought postcards of Wilkeson. These are so very rare as I look all the time and never do they come to sale. These are of about 1910 and so are true to the picture of what Maciej would have seen in real life.
Stu Miller – Marchalewicz, Seattle

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