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Momento of Polish History, and the Anders Army – A family memento of Polish History and Anders’ Army

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Perhaps you would like to read this account. It is my mother, Jozefa Knapik, writing answers to questions presented to her in prison as she is volunteering to join Anders Army.
I feel the document is a part of Polish history and am sharing it with you. I also have my fathers document if you would like to read it.
Daughter of Jozefa,


Translation into Polish, Narodowa.pl:

It is possible that you will be interested in this souvenir. It concerns my mother, her name is Józefa Knapik, these are her answers to the questions she answered in prison, wanting to be accepted into the Anders Army.
I think that this document can be part of the history of Poland and I would like to share it with you. I also have my father’s papers, should you be interested in reading them.
Józefa’s daughter,

+ 3 family pictures:
In honor of my godmother, Maria Wysocka, please accept this composite as per your request…….and a very big Thank You!
Maria Wysocka was in the Polish army……in Palestine….and also later in Italy. I just do not have information about her.
Dorota Knapik

+ 3 family photos:
In honor of my godmother Maria Wysocka, I am asking you to use these photos in accordance with your wishes. Thank you very much! Maria Wysocka was also in the Polish Anders Army… in Palestine… (Iran) and also later in Italy. Unfortunately, I have no more information about it.
Dorota Knapik

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