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Section 1Memorabilia: Little Homelands The world of parents, grandparents... Family and personal memories...

Little Homelands of the Kaliński family – touching photos and descriptions from the history of the family – 20th century

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Envelope addressed to Bishop Szumborski

Notification of the death of T. Kalinski

Notification of the death of Teodor Kaliński.

The reply of Bishop FF Szumborski of May 10, 1834 to the request of T. Kaliński for the second primacy in connection with the 50th anniversary of his priesthood.

Testament of T. Kalinski.

Description of life – Teodor Kaliński.

Majatek KRZYWYSTOK circa 1905 – Kalinscy – photography

Pawel Kalinski, prince unicki / son of bishop JK Kalinski / – in a hat, with a beard.

There is Tytus Krzeminski with Malina Kalinska on his hands.

His wife Eugenia Krzeminska née Kalinska – sits with little Stefan Kalinski on her lap

On the right – Maria Tyszkówna Kalinska – mother of Malina and Stefan.

Jekatierynoslaw, around 1903 – photography

Maria Aniela / Tyszkówna / Kalinska / 1877 – 1960 / with her husband -Dyonizy Kalinski / 1870-1936 / – / son of Paweł / and daughter, Malina Kalinska.

Jekatierynoslaw – Ukraine, 1904

Maria Kalinska née Malina, married to little Stefan.

Pocztowska with the inscription, We are waiting impatiently for the arrival of the Grandparents

Majowka in Birštonas near Kaunas 1899.

Maria Tyszkówna Kalinska – at the bottom of the photo – in a white dress.

Her mother Stefania Tyszków née Gałkowska – on the right side of the photo – is sitting in dark clothes – the widow of Stanisław Tyszka – an insurgent of 1863.

There are certainly other members of the Tyszka family / maybe 3 brothers Maria? /. Unfortunately, I can’t identify anyone.

Mała Malinka Kalińska – Ekaterinoslaw around 1904

Maria from Tyszkow Kalinska / 1877 – 1960 /, wife of Dyonise, mother of Malina and Stefan.

Stefan Kaliński – around 1920

Stefan Kaliński with his wife Bogusława – Krzywystok 1939

Dyonizy Kaliński with his mother-in-law Stefania Tyszkowa

Dyonizy Kaliński – Warsaw, Piękna Street – around 1920

Malina and Stefan Kaliński – Jekatierynoslaw – around 1904 1904

Maria Tyszkówna – Suwalki 1890

PS. Later Kalińska. / Photographie M. Brzozowska, Suwalki /

Maria Kalińska at the piano – circa 1900

Stefan Kaliński with a nanny / nurse? – Jekatierynolaw in 1903

Maria Kalińska with her father – Brunon Tyszka – around 1900

Maria Kalińska in Krzywyystok – around 1902

Stefan and Malina Kaliński – around 1903

Kołobrzeg -1913

Brunon Tyszka is standing, next to Stefania Tyszkowa in the basket. Malina Kalińska – their granddaughter is sitting with an umbrella. In a hat with a mustache – Karol Tyszka / Bruno’s son / with his wife Bronisława and daughters: Irena – sitting and Janina – standing.

Stefania Brunonowa Tyszkowa

Krynica 1925

Siblings – Stefan Kaliński and Malina / sitting on the right / with friends.

Malina Kalińska – Gdynia around 1930

Gdynia 1925

Siblings: Stefan and Malina Kaliński with friends.

Military exercises – around 1935-1936.

Second from the left with glasses is second lieutenant artillerymen – Stefan Kaliński.


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