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Little books (pocket books) from the 19th / 20th century purchased from a bookstore for little money … beautiful and valuable

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Hello everyone!

For book lovers, I would like to show visitors to the GA.PA National Gallery an example of small, pocket-sized books from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, which are beautiful and valuable, from my small library, which I am still creating for little money:

1. Wiktor Gomulicki “Warszawianka” Non-philosophical style with drawings by Jan Holewiński, published by Teodor Paprocki i S-ki bookstore, 41, Nowy-Świat 41, 1900 in the printing house of P. Laskauer and W. Babicki, Ś-to Krzyska 11 . (size approx. 15 × 5 cm.)

2. Kazimierz Laskowski “Bidders” Sketches from Life, in circulation – as above.

3. John Ruskin “About a Real Woman” motto – “Where a real woman walks, There even a withered flower blooms” – Józef Jankowski, as above.

4. Henryk Sienkiewicz “Lights and Flowers” Thoughts Collected from the Works of Henryk Sienkiewicz composed by Mariusz, Second Multiplied Edition. Published by K. Kozłowski in Poznań, 1899, Kraków. – Print by WL Anczyc and the Company (size ca 15 × 10 cm.)

Thank you and best regards,


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