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Christina Hebor
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This photo is of my Great Grandparents Jan Heba (born Oct 9, 1889- March 20, 1975) and Aniela Szydlowska. Seen with their children- my grandfather Stanislaus Heba, Peter and Irene. Photo is from approximatley 1919-20. Photo was taken in St Jacobs Ontario Canada.

Also a gravestone for both Jan and his Wife Aniela which is located in the Mount Hope Cemetery in Toronto Ontario Canada

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  • Tadeusz Max Wysocki

    18.08.2022 wth the forum Genealodzy.pl

    Dear Christina,

    Thank you for your efforts to registrate and place your post, and for your family moving first pictures. Now it’s time to invite you to visit virtually your family ancestral home and lands in Poland. Please give us your hand to visit Poland for the first time, here is our forum first help:

    All your great grandparents Jan Heba and Aniela Szydlowska’s saint ancestral lands would be Grocholice – Wszechswiete and Goloszyce are located in the south-central Poland, in the area of the Swietokrzyskie Mountains, and Opatow area:
    Please see both places, and Polish family ancestral places Grocholice and Goloszyce, with the places of family churches Wszechswiete, and Modliborzyce – with angels view – with google maps, you have zoom + and – to see more, to see and touch Polish family ancestral lands, and local roads to the family churches, where in the 19th century and earlier every Sunday family members were going to have a Sunday holy mass, where family all newborns where baptized, and all Polish family members were buried in the local cemeteries:


    The base information about your GGFather Jan Heba’s family ancestral home Grocholice:
    And same with your GGMother Aniela’s Goloszyce:

    You deserve also to have the photos of your family ancestral churches, for your Family History Book, please use google translator to have any text in English, please click on photo to enlarge:

    And finally, yes, your next documents would confirm our discoveries. Yes, the naturalizations papers, and the Petition for Naturalization are the most valuable, thus, we are waiting for them from you, see the example with virtual gallery Narodowa GA.PA help room with the invaluable Petition for Naturalization:
    https://narodowa.pl/dzial/genealogia-epigenetyka/ – For today, to have gallery GA.PA in English, please click with every page on the top with English flag, soon all the webpage GA.PA will be in English version, just to help others from the world.

    Now, our forum next help would be with you GGParents Jan and Aniela’s families’ church and civil records from Poland, and maybe to locate family in the present Poland, however, this would be the next challenge for our forum members, as most of civil and church records have not survived after cruel WWI, WWII time, and comunism time after the WWII. And please note with all the 19th, and the beg of 20th century this part of Poland was as Russia, under the Russia Tzar occupation, thus, in any immigration ducuments the family members country of origin would be given as Russia. Here are some historical information with Wikipedia:

    Re your “My grandfather who was Jan & Aniela’s son did not share anything about his parents and everyone was very opposed to talking about anything from Poland.” – yes, we must understand their hard times of life after immigration, and their focusing and all so big efforts to give the best life to their children.

    Dear Christina, it’s our pleasure having occasion to help you and all yours from Canada in discovering your family roots from Europe – Poland, and writing your invaluable Family History Book.


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