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IANINA, or the classic panegyric

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Sławek and Ela Zagórscy
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We bow to all fans of the GA.PA iGallery!

Our modest contribution from our family book collection to the exhibition at GA.PIE is an example of a beautiful panegyric (not to be confused with a pamphlet) praising our beloved king of Poland – Jan III Sobieski – this is –
“IANIN of the victorious triumphs, works of the HEROIC MASSIVE OF IAN III KING OF POLAND” –
For immortal ages for printing GIVEN BY Jakub Kaźmierz Rubinkowski, Secretary, Rayce, Burgrav, JKM and Post-Magister of Toruń
at SUPRASLU in the Printing House of the Reverend Oycow Bazylianow in the Year of Our Lord 1754.

We allow ourselves to pass a few pages from this wonderful description of the deeds of our great king and commander, conqueror of the Turks at Vienna (RP1683), the savior of all Europe – to develop the knowledge of all of us – what a wonderful language and way of thinking people – not only – in the 18th century.

But, jokingly adding – here is an example of the contribution of the Polish nation to world panegyrism – as long as there are rulers, there will be writers and artists praising them.

But are all rulers aware that the panegyric, in the end, makes fun of them, not a writer at all ?! Oh, probably not all of them. Oj, chyba nie wszyscy.

We hope that this text will be useful to all current and future panegyrists in their hard work.

We also sincerely hope that these few pages will someday be turned into a full publication in the GA.PA.Gallery.

Warm greetings!!!

Sławek and Ela Zagórscy

PS The last two pages bear witness. that all the rulers of the world who engage in wars, despite attempts at ideological explanations, are useful loot from wars. In this case, in the war of 1683, the Turks captured, among others (part of the attached list):

– Together, Woyska does everything – 285631

– Noble old husbands – 1000

– Białychglow of various states – 11215

– Maidens of all kinds – 14092

– Hrabiankow with Mothers and Oycami – 204

– Children of Babies and other people – 56000

Indeed, cosmic amounts.

Europe, and where did it all go ?!

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