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Home souvenir – the Old Chair after the ancestors, to give way to other exhibits in the GA.PA virtual gallery

Zgłaszający Eksponat:
Max - T., Warsaw
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We have 1 very old chair at home and probably from some set. Can anyone judge if it is worth keeping for posterity?

Unfortunately, those who could say something about him, about his history, are already gone. Our fault for not making a note of it!

I’m really sorry, this is not an exhibit, but an exhibit for the GA.PA gallery, without history, but stimulating the imagination. Ah, that he would be able to tell about his experiences.

For now, let GA.PA stand in the gallery, until other, more interesting ones come, then it will give way to them.


Max – T., Warsaw

Komunikator galerii GA.PA - pole zmysłów - propozycja do wspólnego przemyślenia

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