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Historical souvenir for gourmets – “raisins” from parish books of 1850 – “Pro Memoria” stuck by a priest

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This is a raisin from the record books from 1850, we send for the discerning gourmets of the consummate genealogy; during our many hours of research on archival documents, records, parish books, etc., we come across various very interesting records testifying to the life of Poles in the old days,
we believe that the online gallery of personal mementos and our common memory will be agreed by the National GA.PA and such historical curiosities place, here is the first such historical curiosity from the mid-nineteenth century, a handwritten text entitled “Pro Memoria”, which the parish priest stuck to a page in the parish book, extremely intriguing with the opinion about the church celebrating (or not celebrating!) wedding anniversaries by local residents, but also the last sentence:

“October 20, 1850: it is the golden wedding of the spouses ………… ..,

O my beloved Jesus, what I will give to the guests, I have nothing at home. ”

“Oh tempora! o mores! ” (from Cicero)

With this genealogical greeting, often torn from searches through old archival documents, we salute everyone in the country!

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