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From: “Magroski” <magroski49 @ >
Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 3:46 PM
Subject: Marriage & birth certificate

Dear friends,
two more certificates I need some help.
Thank you

I can’t see the month on this marriage certificate (#14). However, I
have another one (#5), which is dated January 1858, so it seems
reasonable that #14 is around these months. If there’s any info about
it, I’d like to know.

Ewa Fydrich, 24, from family Fydrichkow (line 10), married Jan
Magrowski, 22, in 1858.

Now, looking at Antonina’s birth certificate, from January 17, 1864, it
tells me her mother is “Ewy z Fydrichkowskich, lat ???” (line 11) and
her father is Ignacy Magrowski (line 3), age ???.

Could this Ewa be the same person on both certificates? What age do you
read for her on Antonina’s certificate?

This piece of information may be of some help:
In 1821, a Ignacy Magrowski married Ewa Zielinski. I don’t know how old
he was, because I have only the index page, not the certificate.
So, Ignacy must have been born about 1803 or so (considering the age of
18 to get married).
Could this Ignacy be the same person who is Antonina’s father? What age
do you read for him on Antonina’s certificate?

This is what happened, I think:
Ewa Zielinski died, and so did Jan Magrowski.
Ignacy (then a widow) and Ewa Fydrich (then a widower) got married.
I don’t know if Ignacy was Jan’s brother.

By the way, on the upper corner, left side, of Antonina’s certificate
there are something written. It seems to be ‘Jan… and….Zeglinski?’

I’d appreciate your opinion.
Thank you.


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