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T. Bayes
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—– Original Message —–

From: T. Bayes

To: Tad Wysocki. Help Room

Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2011 2:21 PM

Subject: Manifests of my Family Kauffmans’ travel fr England to US – LOOKING FOR FAMILY ORIGIN PLACE ??

Dear Tad,

As you so kindly offered….

Encl I – Here is page 1 & page 2 for my great uncles, Morris/Maurice and Jacob, the sons of Palteal/Paltiel/Peter Kauffman/Kayufman.
Maurice being the older of the 2 answered for both. They are passengers # 4 & 5.

Encl. II – Here are both pages for my Great Grandfather, Palteal/Paltiel/Peter Kauffman/Kayufman. He appears on line #9. (his name has been spelled many different ways that’s why I gave those variations)

Encl. III – This is the last of the manifests, for my Great Grandmother, Anna/Annie/Channa Kauffman who travelled with the rest of her children AND her brother in law, my Great Grand Father Palter’s brother, Simon/Shimon Kauffman.
A. Kauffman – LINE 5
Kauffman Children on Lines 6-11
S. Kauffman – Line 12

They both also mention the names of THEIR FATHERS and place name:

Family place names deciphered by Trudi & Tad:

Family Kauffman immigrated from “Lemarsk, Shevlice, Russia”, “Lemass, Shedlitz, Russia”, “Olishow”, “Shevlitz Goburnia, Russia”, “Olishoff, Russia”
Their Father Leib Lew from “Oliszow?, Olishow?, Olishoff?” Sedelice (Siedlce?) Gobernia Russia”

Their Father Srul Kaufman from “Lomaz?, Lamaz?, Lemass?, Lemarsk? Lamiark?” Shevlice? (Sieldce) Russia”

LPR (Last Place of Residence) – “Kros”?, “Kowno”?

Dear Tad – here is some other information for great grandparents – they divorced after they got to New York and both married again.

Great Grandfather – Palteal/Paltiel/Peter Kauffman
When he married again he gave his father’s name as Schol Kauffman and his mother’s name as Mary Tennenbaum. His date of birth was given as May 6th, 1873.

Great Grandmother – Anna/Annie or Chana Kauffman
I have heard that my Great Grandmother’s family surname was Lev (Lew) or Lyons – no doubt the American version. When she married again in 1933 in New York she said her date of birth was given as May 10, 1875 . She also provided on her New York marriage certificate that her mother’s name was Bessie Fleishman and her father’s name was Louis Lyons…..could this be Leib Lew……Louis Lev aka Louis Lyons?

Kind regards,


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