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Dział 12 - GA.PA POMOC - Umieść w tym dziale galerii rodzinną fotografię, dokument, link www, nagranie, wspomnienie.. i równolegle możesz poinformować o tym fora internetowe. Pomóż tu też innym w ich poszukiwaniach, dziękujemy!Pomoc w poszukiwaniach Historii Rodzin - Fotografie, Dokumenty, Wspomnienia...


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Alfred Stanislaus Kielbasa
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—– Original Message —–
From: Alfred kielbasa
To: Tadeusz Wysocki
Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009 2:37 AM
Subject: Help from the genealogy forum

A very nice lady with the e mail address of baba sunder asked me if I could help her gather information from the attached passport (?) document which I only scanned the first two pages about her grandfather, soI am asking for help with whatever the group can find to learn about this information. If more is needed, I can scan more pages as it is very old and the family does not have a real clue about their dziadu.

Dziekuje for any help.

Alfred Stanislaus Kielbasa with family ties to Ptaszkowa and Grybow-Siolkowa


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