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Anne (Dobrowolski) Flynn
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From: anne flynn
To: ‘Tadeusz Wysocki DHO’
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2007 1:15 PM
Subject: Cyrillic Marriage document help > PGFHelpRoom at www.narodowa.pl

I need help extracting some information from the attached marriage document I just found of my great great grandparents, Josef (Janeus in this record) Szumlinski and Leokadja Rasztemborska. The record was found in LDS films from Lubowidz parish, year 1870 and took place in Zuromin.

The information I hope to find is:

The age of the groom.

The town the groom was born in. (I have not been able to find his birth record in Lubowidz or anyone with this surname, so I believe he came from a nearby town.)

His occupation.

I see his parents’ names as Antoni and Małuony? Maciejowska, but I am not sure of the mother’s first name. They were from Zuromin.

I am trying to use the Stephen Morse transliterating tool, but I am having trouble with identifying the proper letters. If anyone can help me find this information, I will be grateful.


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