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From: “Kevin Drinka”
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Sent: Friday, August 25, 2006 5:38 AM
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A few monthes ago I was asking for a translation on a baptisim record in
latin. I was given a great deal of help with it. However, my translation was
hitting blocks a few times by unknown words or letters. I was hoping to get
a little more help. Thanks!
(I am also including the original scan of the record).

Any word or sections in [brackets] are the areas I am having trouble

Republic of Poland
Dioecesis of Tarnow
County of Krakow
Deanery of Radiow?
Brzesko District
Parish Zabawu?

The parish office of the church in [Ssae Trinitatis?] Zabawa attests by this
document and all who it will concern:

In the registry book of baptisms established for the villiage of [pages
Padwale?], vol. 3, page 51, number 7

This next portion I am unsure of, thats why you see – unknown symbol.

[Reperiri Anno Domini Millisemo octiugeutesiuso, octugesiusis, secunda hoc
est (in)? 1882 die quatra decimal /: 14/ x/ mensis October nat (unknown
symbol) sub Nro domus 23, et due 17 October 1882 by R.D.M. Kryza Coop pastor
was baptized.]

Josephus, roman catholic, masculine, legitimate

Franciscus Nasiadka
Son of [Andrea?] And Teresia [Machalska?]


Daughter of [Audre?] Kozka and Francisca [Boraia?]

Josephus [Fndalej?] and Catherina Kozka

Midwife: Francisca [Lojka?]

In assurance of which this document fortified with the churchs seal from
the parish office Zabawa 1 April 1935.


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