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Family souvenir from the USA – “My family from Kaczanowo, Poland Wedding Picture” – Family photo, wedding, Kaczanowo, Poland

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Leonard, USA
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hank you for posting my Agnieszka Gmyrkowna family picture from Poland (so finally my family from Poland is GMYREK !?) at #Gallery GA.PA “PGF Searching Room” No 2.

I wonder if I could ask you to post in Gallery Narodowa GA.PA just one more (wedding picture) which I have in USA and which could help with the first. It was sent from Poland about 1950 to my grandfather in Canada. It could be at the Church of St. Martin in Kaczanowo near Wrzesnia Poland or it may be someplace else close by.

Perhaps one of the Polish people visiting Gallery GA.PA will recognize whose wedding this was?
Perhaps can recognise our common relatives?!

Thanks, Leonard, USA

(+ #Gallery GA.PA PGF Searching Room – point 2 : – finally discovered by all as Agnieszka Gmyrek)

Translation (#Gallery GA.PA)

“My family from Kaczanowo, Poland

Wedding photography ”

Thank you very much for placing my family photo of Agnieszka Gmyrkówna from Poland (so it finally turned out that my family from Poland is GMYREK!?) On the website “PGF Searching Room – No. 2” #GA.PA.Gallery

Could I ask you to put in the GA.PA National Gallery one more photo (photo from the wedding) that I have in the USA and which may support the first photo. This photo can be taken at St. Martin in Kaczanów, near Września in Poland, or anywhere else nearby.

Maybe some of the Poles visiting the GA.PA Gallery will recognize where the wedding took place? Maybe he will recognize our mutual cousins ​​?!

Thank you Leonard, USA



Sir, I am very curious about your findings regarding the genealogy of the Mańkowski family from Września.

My family comes from there and I have a few birth certificates from Miłosław …

I will be grateful for any materials and contact.


Andrzej Mańkowski


Hello Leonard.
I accidentally came across your family photo from Kaczanów near Września. The case is interesting for me because my great-grandmother, Franciszka Mańkowska, was born in Kaczanów. The genealogy of the Mańkowski, Szalaty, Cierzniewski, Kosmale, and Zielonków families was developed until the 18th century. names, please contact me. Maybe we’ll discover something together.

best regards,

Full translation made free by www.Narodowa.pl :

Hi Leonard,
I came across your message and family photo from Kaczanowo near Wrzesnia.
The matter is interesting for me, as my greatgrandmother Franciszka
Mankowska was born just in this Kaczanowo. I have the genealogy tree of the
local families Mankowski, Szalaty, Cierzniewski, Kosmala, and Zielonka,
going to the 18th-century. If these surnames are telling you something,
please contact me. Maybe we will find anything more together.

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