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Section 9Memorabilia: Traces of Memory of Lady Genealogy, Family Documents, Other...

Family / historical memento – Letters from Stanisław Zamoyski to his wife Róża née Potocki, 1886

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Anna Krzyżanowska
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To the GA.PA National Gallery:

Letters from Stanisław Zamoyski to his wife Róża née Potocki (excerpt), from a trip to Podolia after the wedding of his daughter – Zofia Tadeuszowa Grocholska. 1886

Transcribed (typescript) in 1954 by Anna Zygmunt Broel Plater, née Brzozowska. Rewritten again by Henryk K. Grocholski.


27 October 1886 Żmerynka.
In a few hours, God willing, I’ll be in Pietniczany and spend the night there. Tomorrow in Strzyżawka: how I regret not with you. I am overjoyed to see Wanda Stanisławowa Grocholska and the only child , and I expect to hear about you there.

27.10.1886 Pietniczany
Thank God I got to Staś Grocholskie. From Czarny Ostrów I telegraphed asking for a carriage to Winnica. Expose my surprise and delight: standing in Winnica, Piotr (Wiśnioch) enters my compartment with the news that there is Tadzio – and the good-natured Tadzio, who came for me, is behind him – incidentally it was around 11 p.m. Driving together, I found out that Zosia was sure, thank God in a blessed condition. He told about their acceptance here and in Strzyżawka by peasants. On the way to Pietniczany, a Cossack was shining on us, on a beautiful horse, with a muzzle. There was a moment of fantastic view, when we were passing by the ferry and the Cossack was shining while driving over the high bridge. It was very beautiful. Driving into the courtyard here, the coachman was smoking with a whip. At the door, we found Stas Grocholski, Wanda, August, Anusia, Kostuś and Zosia waiting. Thank God for such moments. It was noisy and very nice over tea. P. Pelagia Potocka is here, a very pleasant surprise for me. Already 1 o’clock in the morning, I run away to sleep, although I am delighted to not know if I will fall asleep soon. Although I am sending you so much to comfort you that you are not here. Tomorrow we are going to Strzyżawka, from where I will write in a moment.

October 28, 1886
I am at Tadzio’s, how I regret not being with you – and my heart is filled with gratitude more and more to God for the providential determination of the fate of our dear Zosia. But I will describe today in order. In Pietniczany, Stanisław Grocholski took me around a beautiful black forest and a game park, where a lot of fallow deer and deer, and a beautiful oak near the picturesque shooter’s house. Around six in the evening we left, Mrs. Pelagia Potocka, Kazimierzów Sobański, August, Anusia and me, and Stanisław Grocholski and Wanda, to Strzyżawka.
We were enlightened by the path of two Cossacks on beautiful Arabian horses. We passed six versts from Strzyżawka quickly, on our way here we saw the whole palace brightly lit and at the sound of a hunting trumpet we were greeted with gunshots. In the palace hall, I was received bread and salt by Tadzio and Zosia. Tadzio spoke to me cordially and very nicely, but I cannot tell you again, because I was very touched.

After a while, we sat down to supper, at which I raised my “farm health”, then Tadzio raised my health, everyone was in gala: Zosia was beautiful and very nicely dressed. Her behavior, free and cheerful, and yet serious, amazed me. Tomorrow I will describe the palace for you, today I will only mention that the playroom is nice, the dining room “White Hall” is wonderful, Zosia’s sleeping room is very beautiful and nice.
Everywhere there are portraits of yours, mine, our children, Karolina, views of Podzamcze, which Zosia found here framed in nice frames. Stanisław Grocholski and Wanda as well as Jaś Brzozowski and Helena made miracles in the preparation of the apartment, furniture, and cupboards in such a short time – it is a touching proof of family love, and how it inspires confidence in Zosia’s happy future. I cannot be surprised at her: in this magnificent palace, after only two weeks, she turns freely as if you had been here for a long time – and not a shadow of too much confidence in herself. ABOUT! Happy simplicity! – Letters arrived during the evening: Your ZpI to Tadzio and Zosia and a letter from Jędrus ZpI to Tadzio with the signature of Karolina and the children.

Were it welcomed to say I don’t need it.
Zosia suggested that I go to her room to read the letters calmly. There, we read your letters with her and Kostunia, and then for a few moments, being a cordial conversation ourselves. August approached the open door from the playroom, I asked him to join us and there were four of us happy with Zosia’s happiness. Meanwhile, in the playroom, Stanisław Grocholski played the piano beautifully and sang very well, then P. Kazimierzowa Sobańska (Górska née Górska) sang very well, then with a choir. Until ten o’clock they all left for Pietniczany: then Tadzio, Zosia and Kostunia took me to a room intended for me, and as arranged: Above the bed, a board (our usual one) with Our Lady of Częstochowa, intended for me by Tadzio and Zosia.

And here is the view of Podzamcze with you in the “basket” and all the children and Karolina. And how the office is decorated, and the washroom! But it’s late, you need to sleep, although I would like to tell you endlessly about my joy with Tadzio and Zosia. Well, I almost forgot. When they escorted me to my room, Zosia asked me to say the evening prayer together. Do you see how happy it made me … Good Tadzio knelt with us. And again, with unspeakable emotion, I repeated these words of our usual prayer: “Lord!

Thank you for all the favors that you give us continually “and now and almost constantly, thanking God with all my heart and soul, I would like to thank God with all virtue, and above all, first of all: strictly, conscientiously, I persevered, with constipation and the sacrifice of our duties. After praying together, we embraced ours and they parted. I start to write to you when I hear footsteps on the spiral staircase (from Zosia’s room) – and then a gentle knock on my door. “Please,” surprised – enters Zosia with the news that Tadzio and Kostunia will drink tea
and ask if I don’t want to come. Of course, I went and found Zosia’s bedroom, by the fireplace, on which a fire was burning happily, very nicely prepared tea, cold meat and delicious fruit, and with only children and with a new only child, after refreshing the spirit a moment ago, we strengthened the body with an unspeakably pleasant conversation, which was still long and would have been long had it not been for the common sense that separated us, promising new joys as a reward for respecting him, after rest, tomorrow. In general, the impressions of today: the happy determination of Zosia’s fate under the care of a noble, kind, intelligent, thoroughly pious man, in the vicinity of the equally noble and pious Stanisław and Wanda as well as Jaś and Helena Brzozowski. A wonderful and very nice apartment, beautiful surroundings, order and cleanliness in the house exemplary, no luxury, refined refinement, excellent service (tenue militaire). So thanks God and in him, in His grace, the hope that this flock, so unexpectedly and providentially joined, will serve God faithfully. Amen! Amen! And I repeat with the utmost gratitude to God: “There was no son, brother, husband and father happier than I was.” – May we thank God, parents, family, you and children.


Sent to the GA.PA National Virtual Gallery: Anna Krzyżanowska





Allow you, Dear Anna, that, following your cordial request, we will pass on some family information – to your family book, for the next generations, using the annual experience in genealogical research that the GA.PA National Gallery has brought to us, through the family entries posted there. exhibits from Poland and around the world, and through the same contacts established also on the previously mentioned largest American genealogical forum.
1. Pietniczany – there were and there are several places with this name in Podolia, now in Ukraine, we have searched and it is confirmed that it was a great Polish estate, in Russian Piatniczany, on the Bohem River, Vinnytsia poviat, Jóźwin commune, and most importantly – the parish WINNICA – Pietniczany were 4 versts (a little more than 4 kilometers) from the Vineyard, around 1880: the area of ​​Pietniczany = 894 square meters, 1227 ten peasant land and 2,226 ten. manor land. Pietniczany is around 1880 a beautiful palace, gardens, and a large brickyard. Pietniczany was a very old settlement, recorded since 1543. In 1569, Pietniczany was granted by the Deszkowski family, it was then owned by the Łaska and Radzimiński family, and finally their daughter Anna, having married Michał of Grabów Grocholski, brought these goods to the house of the Grocholski family. Michał Grocholski, having married Anna Radzimińska in 1752, besides Pietniczany, took after her the estates of Saborów, Soroczyn, Woronowice and Stepanówka. He founded, among others, the church and monastery of St. Dominicans in Winnica (1760). Michał Pietniczany was passed to his sons Marcin and Franciszek, after the death of Marcin Grocholski, Pietniczany was inherited by his son from Cecylia Chołoniewska, Michał, and then to his son Henryk, born in Śliźniówna, who left with Ksawera Brzozowska, a son Stanisław, married to Count Zamoyska, and Tadeusz and daughter Marya, for Fr. Witold Czartoryski and Helena, after Jan Brzozowski. On Pietniczany, he published a monograph by Z. Radzimiński under the pseudonym Drwęcy (Kraków, 1878).
(source: Geographical Atlas of the Kingdom of Poland)
2. Let’s look at the village of Vinnitsa (Vinnycja; Vinnitsa; Vinnytsya) on the map of Ukraine:
and the same place – on the map of Europe:
3. To confirm this location, an excellent document is an exhibit in our National Gallery GA.PA: “Letters from Stanisław Zamoyski to his wife Róża née Potocki (excerpt), from a trip to Podolia after my daughter’s wedding “:

Stanisław Zamoyski described his journey through Czarny Ostrów (Chernyy Ostrov – he called from this town), Żmerynka (Zmerynka – south-west of Winnica) – October 27, 1886 – he will be “in a few hours in Pietniczany”), or Strzyżawka (Strzyzawka – on north of Winnica – “beautiful palać” – a place known even from “Ogniem i Mieczem” by H. Sienkiewicz – volume I).
4. Here is an attempt to locate documents from Vinnitsa (presumably covering Pietniczany) that have remained in the archives:
Polish State Archives – please contact:
Ukraińskie Archiwa Państwowe – (confirmation – via the FHC website / LDS) – also including parish books:

5. Here are also the first advice received from the American geneaological forum for you, after placing your request there in English (which allows you to search for your family, your requests to people from all over the world through modern internet search engines):
Posted by: Christian Michel Orpel ( ID ***** 0636) Date: October 04, 2004 at 13:49:58
In Reply to: Love to find familes PLATER and KWILECKI – Pietniczany, Podole? by Tadeusz of 28134 Broel Plater? Kwilecki?

You would probably very esasily find everything you want to know about your cousins ​​on the list “Herbarz” … Or in some Polish books as Poczet Polish aristocratic families (Teresa Zielinska).
best regards,
from: Mr. Christian Michel Orpel
on: October 4, 2004
message: Surnames Broel Plater? Kwilecki?
Probably the easiest way for you would be to find information about your cousins ​​/ family on the lists of “Herbarz” … Or in some Polish books such as “Poczet Polskich Rodów Aristokratycznych” (author: Teresa Zielińska).
(on your behalf we allowed ourselves to thank Mr. Christian for this first advice and information).
6. So we provide internet links to the first information / advice “from the world” for your further search:
ad “Herbarz”:
or, among others:
ad “Poczet …”:
Dear Mrs. Anna,
maybe for a lot for today, we apologize, we wish you much joy in discovering on the internet, this new “tool” for finding and contacting people in the 21st century, new traces of the past and present, because according to the motto of our National GA.PA gallery – “Collect the passing crumbs of the past because of them the present, the future and an explanation of everything ”.
Yours sincerely,




—- Original Message —–
From: Anna Krzyżanowska
To: Narodowa@narodowa.pl
Sent: Saturday, October 02, 2004 11:48 AM
Subject: Family Search

Dear Mr. As I wrote, I am looking for a family, but now also KWILECKI – them. I don’t know English, so it’s an impassable threshold. You pointed out that you have experience in looking for families / around the world – I added this myself /. I know that several families named KWILECKI are in the States and Germany. The gentleman from Germany did not know that his family was in Poland / I had an account of someone from a meeting like that in Germany /. Is it possible to use your help, please answer so that I can take appropriate steps, ie write a small genealogy of this family.

Cordiality, Anna Krzyżanowska.



Dear Mrs. Anna,
with great emotion, we confirm the receipt of this e-mail – we put it in the right place in the correspondence of our online gallery GA.PA (national GAleria PA family) – section 10, exhibit number 6 – we provide a direct link to this page:
We sincerely hope that thanks to the Internet your message will now be found by people looking for families from Poland and around the world, also through the largest genealogical forum www.genforum.genealogy.com/ poland /, where this message will be found at the same time – we will translate it into English, which will allow you to search through your family from around the world (here Polish is an insurmountable barrier for many searchers). We wish you many happy family meetings. We would also like to use our little experience in genealogical research, but already allowing us to provide the first few information:

# location of Pietniczany, formerly Podole, now Ukraine – please click on the link:
We are not sure about this location because there were several towns with the synonymous name Pietniczany / Petniczany / etc.
# a few sentences from stories containing this place; we assume that this is the location:
“It was scattered in as many as 4 provinces: makiem, Podolska, Wolynskie and Braclawskie; 8 keys belonged to the Humanszczyzna, besides the Brahil key: 2 towns and 25 villages (later Jerzy Szczesny Potocki’s inheritance), Bohopolski and other cities: Janów, Pietniczany, Zwaniec, Husiatyn and others. ”
The nearest larger town – Husiatyn.
# for more information, please use an internet search engine, eg www.google.pl and enter the words Pietniczany or Husiatyn in your search.
Dear Mrs. Anna,
We express our highest respect and wish you good health,
GA.PA National Gallery



—– Original Message —–
From: krzyzanowskaa @ acn.waw.pl
To: dho@dho.com.pl
Sent: Thursday, September 30, 2004 5:51 PM
Subject: contact with the family

Dear Family,

I don’t know who will be reading, so I write about myself first: Anusia née Kwileckich Krzyżanowska, daughter of Eliza Broel-Plater from Białaczów and Stanisław Kwilecki from Grodziec. My mother, Eliza, was the daughter of Anna née Brzozowska and Zygmunt Broel Plater from Białaczów. At the moment, Ciocia Helena née Plater Ludwikowa Mycielska / Kraków now / and Konstanty Plater lives in the States live from the mother of the siblings. My request for contact with the Plater Family and for the exact location of PIETNICZANY / I know that in Podolia, but more precisely what neighborhood and the nearest town, town /. I have the possibility to find it via the Internet, but I do not know how to look for it and if I will find it, I want to give this information to my children so that they can find out something about their Grand and Great Grandfathers. Cordials and a request for an answer.

Anna Krzyżanowska

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