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Family heirlooms at GA.PA and family reunification – photo of the Certificate issued in Russia in 1916. my wife’s grandmother

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Hello, I am enclosing a photo of the Certificate issued in Russia in 1916. my wife’s grandmother. If it comes in handy for your website, I can serve you with other family souvenirs.

Regards, ZB

Attached I am sending a tablet from Irkutsk, born in 1917, and among the students my wife’s grandfather, Edmund Wądołowski.

Regards, ZB

Today I am also sending you more family souvenirs from my grandmother and grandfather Adela and Edward Kiryłło / family name Przelaskowska /. Grandma Adela Przelaskowska was born on May 16, 1903. in Podwiaziów, she married Edward Kiryłło on August 18, 1922. In the 1930s, my wife’s grandparents and their children moved to Poland. Grandfather Edward was a legionnaire / documents attached /. I will be able to send a more detailed description of my family fate when my grandmother’s eldest daughter returns from Germany in about two months. Grandma Adela Kiryłło was the only sibling to return to Poland, the remaining siblings stayed in the USSR. During the communist regime, my grandmother used to visit them at least once every two years. The last time I was in the USSR at the age of 78, i.e. in 1984. She lived to be 95 years old. She died suddenly in 1998.

Regards, ZB

Please contact me by e-mail with the person who shared souvenirs related to the Kiryłło family.

These materials are available at:


It is a matter of great importance for me, because Edward Kiryłło was probably the brother of my grandfather Józef, also Piłsudczyk and a member of the POW. My grandfather, Józef Kiryło, son of Stanisław and Joanna (!), Born in 1899 in Józefów (!), Was murdered in 1942 in the Auschwitz Nazi camp , where he was sent as a political prisoner and participant of the Home Army Resistance Movement. Grandfather, at the time of his arrest, was registered in Łuków, where he lived with his family for years.

Thank you in advance, Ewa Kiryło-Woynarska.

Здравствуйте, Zbyszek.
Прочитал о вашей Бабушке.Я занимаюсь родословной Пролесковских по Белорусии.
В Польше родоводом занимается Ян Станиславович czaplaprzelaskowski@wp.pl
Если сохранились адреса родственников в Белорукии-сообщи.Информации из
Вашего сообщения недостаточно для присоединения к возможным родителям по
имени Иван (с 1850 по 1877года рождения)

Exhibit Number – 09 (section) – 15 (Exhibit Number):

С уважением,
Аркадий mailto: aprol @ bcp.by

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