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Dad’s family memento – a small but the most valuable medal, because it connects with the memories of his youth

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Małgorzata J.
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Hello everyone,

I was just showing this GA.PA section to my Dad on the computer. I inadvertently asked Dad about some of his medals. Dad ran to his room and brought this little medal with the words:

This is the only medal or decoration that I have ever received in my life. For over a dozen years in the times of socialism, I did not do anything historical – the struggle for existence and the survival of the family was an everyday reality. But this little medal is related to the most beautiful time of my life – youth. There was a socialist youth organization (there were no other organizations in our town), the man was active, there were common friendships, there were joint actions (of course, only social ones) and there was love. And this medal (FIGHT, WORK, SOCIALISM) is the most valuable souvenir for me, although for many it is unremarkable compared to other medals and orders.

And this medal (and this time in the organization) I like the most, and that’s it.

That’s what Dad said.

I am sending this medal with Dad’s words to the GA.PA gallery, maybe it will come in handy?


Małgorzata J.

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