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Section 11National Memorabilia, Forgetfulness, Polonica cont.

A souvenir from the USA – “The first catholic priest in Washington” – The tomb of the first Polish priest in Washington – Michał Fąfar, born in 1862 in Galicia

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Enumclaw Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery near Wilkeson Washington, this is the first Polish Catholic in Washington after immigration of the first immigrants from Poland to this part of US in the end of 19th/beg of 20th century.

On the grave:


Fr. Michal Fafara

The first Polish priest in Wash.

born September 13, 1862

in Bytmoska in Galicia

um. February 5, 1914

He asks for a sigh of God


Cordial greetings to all Poles and Poland!

Stu Miller (Marchalewicz) with family, Seattle, USA

From the website of the National Gallery of GA.PA, translation:
This is the tomb of the first Catholic priest from Poland, Fr. Michał Fąfara in the state of Washington, USA, cemetery at the first church in Wilkeson, after the start of Polish immigration to the USA region in the late 19th / early 20th century, an inscription on the grave (now we translate into English for researchers and history fans from the USA):

Rev. Michal Fafara

The first catholic priest in Washington

born on September 13, 1862

in Bytomska in Galicia

died on February 5, 1914

Asks for the God’s breath

Thank you! Thank you!


Fr. dr Kazimierz Fąfara

ul. Orla 47

39-200 DĘBICA


I am very grateful to the fact that information about Fr. Michał Fąfar, who is my ancestor (my great-grandfather’s brother). I was glad that a photo of his tomb was also posted.

For my family it is a reason to be proud that the first Polish priest in the state of WA was Fr. Michał, who, if I know correctly, studied in Rome, thanks to the efforts of the Ledóchowski family, from which he comes: St. Ursula and Bl. Maria Teresa Ledóchowska.

My dream is to stand at the grave and pray at the grave of my ancestor. I hope that maybe my dreams will come true one day.

It is also my dream to get more information about Fr. Michael.

Hence my request, if you still have further information about Fr. Michał, please send them to me at my e-mail or postal address.

May the good God reward you for passing the information on, bless you:

Fr. Kazimierz Fąfara

God bless you:

Translation by Narodowa.pl:

Priest Dr. Kazimierz Fafara

Orla street No. 47

39-200 Debica


Dear Sirs,

With high gratitude I’ve found on this webpage the information on Catholic Priest Michal Fafara, who is my ancestor (the brother of my grandfather). I’m also very happy that the image of his grave in the U.S. has been also included.

It is pride for all my family that the first Catholic priest in the U.S. State Washington was Father Michal Fafara, as I know who studed in Rome thanks of support of family Ledochowski, from this family originated Saint Urszula and Blessed Teresa Ledochowska.

It is my dream to stand before the grave of my ancestor Father Michal, and to pray. I hope that my dream will come true.

Also I wonder to have more information on Father Michal,

Thus, if anyone has any info please send it to me on address: email or postal.

Let good God pays you for all your information, with my blessings:

Father Kazimierz Fafara, Poland

God bless you.

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