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A souvenir at home – Painting: E. Brożek (Polish naive painting)

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Dear National Virtual Gallery GA.art,

I would like to ask you to put a painting (oil on canvas, size ca 1.2 x 1 m) of the Polish painter E. Brożek, which I have had for several years, in the gallery. I would like to share it with others, it is a type of painting, our common cultural heritage, which also needs to be protected from oblivion. For me personally, it is a moving picture, reminiscent of my CHILDHOOD with its beauty of harsh winters and gently naive times. And when Christmas and Christmas came, the world couldn’t be more beautiful. And it will stay that way until the end. Childhood – this is one word, but the most important. I wish everyone similar emotions, and … I am waiting for your souvenirs,

Thank you to GA.art gallery, I cordially greet all visitors to the gallery,


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