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A request from a family in the USA to read my Great-Grandmother’s place of birth in Poland – a family letter in Polish

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S.Runyon / USA
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I am trying to translate an old note written by my great grandmother which is supposed to be her birth place in Poland. The handwriting is very difficult to read. “wkedrowic wkedroige chrzcrowa wbongiszkowak” poland europa. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


Seattle, Washington


Hi, greetings from Warsaw again.
Bravo for Sophia! Chapeau bas!
Nearest is Kiedrowice and Borzyszkowy – KASHUBA – in Polish language – KASZUBY – very beatiful part of north Poland – Baltic Sea – fantastic old culture, history, very interesting customs and very different language.
Yes, Wladislaw is right, best way to find on the map in Poland is http://www.pilot.pl
And we can add for S.R. very nice Website – KASHUBIAN FAMILY RESEARCH CENTER – http://www.kashuba.org
https://www.narodowa.pl (Polish Family and National Memories iGallery GA.PA)

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