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A Polish genealogical and historical memento KUNÓW PARISH BOOKS from 1592!

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Krzysztof Fornalski
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Parish Kunów nad Kamienna near Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski Opatowski deanery, Sandomierz Diocese
Parish Kunow on the Kamienna river, near Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski, Decanat Opatow, Diocese Sandomierz


Church Books Records from the year 1592.

period XVI / XVII / XVIII century
general condition: bad and not bad.

The files are incomplete. So far, the following books have been copied:

Scans / scans:

There are no other files from that period. Individual books are described in more detail in the “Monograph of Kunów on Kamienna” by x. A. Bastrzykowski (Krakow 1939) – pp. 9-11. The state from 1939 given there is the same as the present one.

Files from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries have been almost completely preserved and are in the parish archives and in the State Archives in Starachowice (probably also in the diocesan archives)

photocopies were made by:
Krzysztof Wojciech Fornalski

Thank you!
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I am a family genealogist with love, so documents such as Ksiegi Koscielne Kunowskie are absolutely a rarity of family history for me.

Where did these books come from? Have you not thought about transferring these books to the archives, whether archdiocesan or state-owned?

Conservation work on these books would certainly be needed.

It is a pity that they would not survive the next hundreds of years.

It is very good that you made scans of these books, there is already documentation if the books did not survive. It’s good that there are people like you who have our history at heart.

best regards,

Anna Karpinska, USA




Great job! I am an amateur looking for roots Karol Celejowski born around 1770-1774 in Kunów or Denków. Karol learned the pottery trade in Ćmielów, but after looking through the files of the author Jerzy Moniewski in the National Library, I did not find the name Karol.
I am asking people interested in genealogy for a hint whether there is a possibility of a similar access to the files in Denków.
Thank you very much and I admire the titanic work performed during the scans performed in Kunów.
Andrzej Celejowski W-wa






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