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A “musical” souvenir for GA.PA – Old Music Notes for Christmas – with best wishes!

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Karolina P.
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Hello again!

Today I would like to ask you to place scans of a very old collection of notes in the GA.PA gallery, specially framed, it is probably the only such collection in the world, because my family, our next beloved souvenir, I send scans of some of the first pages of notes (very nice) with best wishes for the creators and all visitors of the GA.PA gallery – I enclose 7 pages of notes “Gloria in excelsis Deo!” Christmas Fantazy for Piano, composed by Franciszek Barański – JAROSŁAW publishing house, published by J. MEINHART Bookstore –

Have a good Christmas!
sends to all those who love family memory
Karolina P.
PS Or maybe someone will record this fantasy and send it to the GA.PA gallery! It would be a great addition. Thank you.

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