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A memento of a family member – Picture signed W. Makowski – what kind of painter is he?

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Stanisława M.
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I submit a painting signed W.MAKOWSKI – 1921 to the National Gallery of GA.PA. Size – approx. 1 x 0.5 meters. Is he a famous painter? Maybe someone visiting the galleries will help with the answer? The origin of the painting is unknown – unfortunately, I cannot tell you anything about it, all family stories connected with it have disappeared with the departure of the owner – a member of our family, which is a pity.

Greetings to all visitors to the GA.PA gallery, and especially to those who will be able to tell something about the history of their exhibits.

I am sorry for the bad quality of the picture, but I cannot take it otherwise.


Stanisława M.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to pass a message to Mr. Mieczysław and other owners of W. Makowski’s paintings, family mementos that they shared with others in this gallery (thank you for “reviving” them to everyone!).
After a quick search of the Internet, you can find paintings by the painter W. Makowski, here is the first “bearing”:


The Lviv Art Gallery (as the Lviv Picture Gallery has been called since 1998) was established by the Lviv magistrate in 1897.

Room 23 – Henryk Siemiradzki “At the Source”, “Christ and the Samaritan Woman”, W. Makowski – “The Village”

Room 23 is located in section 9. – POLISH ART, this painter should not be confused with another W. Makowski (Vladimir Makowski) – a Russian painter, his paintings (mainly from the life of Russia at that time) are located in another section – 13. RUSSIAN SEARCH.

Thus, it can be assumed that these are paintings by a famous painter and quite valuable if his “Village” (and therefore topics similar to those posted in this National GA.PA online gallery – see exhibit 7-4 and others) are placed NEXT to a very well-known painter Henryk Siemiradzki.

I hope that this information will be useful, I will continue to explore the internet and art history (it is very interesting!) In my search for traces of these and other family mementoes (invaluable for the owners, after all).

I cordially greet all visitors of this amazing gallery,

Janek M.

Sz. Mr. Andrzej,

Also welcome,

We are very happy that not only people can meet in the GA.PA gallery (e.g. via e-mails or chat), but also family souvenirs such as paintings. A very good example of the sense of this virtual gallery of family and national memorabilia.
r. Andrzej, a huge request for a photograph of this painting made traditionally or digitally (+ we already have a short memory, or maybe supplement it?). We will add to the GA.PA gallery in the Pictures section next to this other painting by W. Makowski – it will really move and will affect the imagination of the gallery visitors – and the pictures can “find” each other, and we also give professionals a chance to see and evaluate and accept that it is, that he was saved from this history of the wars of the twentieth century (although we say that when expressed in family values ​​- they are the most valuable in the world, they are priceless).
As always, we also have to ask a question – should I put your name and surname under your “exhibit” in the GA.PA gallery, or supplement it with an e-mail address? These decisions belong only to the donors submitting their mementos and memories, their “exhibits” to the GA.PA.

Thanks again!

Warm greetings,

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Hello. I have a painting of a similar nature, watercolor signed: W. Makowski. 63cm -42cm. Winter landscape with a cottage in the background. It has been in our family for a long time. I only know that: the first half of the 20th century. It was probably active in central Poland. Warsaw Lodz. Provided, of course, that the two pictures come from the same author.

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