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A genealogical memento – a granite plaque in a tiny village in Kashubia – a change of value in the Kashubian nation!

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I am adding to the National a genealogical gem, photographed today during a trip with a camera in Kashubia. Well, in a charming tiny village in Kashubia near Wejherowo in Smażyno there is a granite genealogical table. It is a phenomenon probably not only on a national but also a global scale. The plaque stands on a nice little cemetery on a hill near the church. It contains an ancestors of Szulc, Krzemetki and Trepczyk, local Kashubians.

Granite 2m by 1.80. I have not seen any sign there prohibiting photography or publishing of it. There is a lot of contemporary data on the board, but the cemetery is a public place, and if this board is still standing, there are probably no obstacles to publish it.

PS. PS. That says a lot about the shift in morals and the nation’s increasing longing for family history, past research, and the value of genealogical research!

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