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Section 8Souvenirs They also have little stories...

A family memento – a sculpture of a young lady, unfortunately we did not manage to ask my grandparents about her story

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Max - Tadeusz Wysocki
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In my corner there is a sculpture of a young lady, a bit dusty, and a blue dove, and an old photograph. Will they be useful for the GA.PA family memorabilia gallery?

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to ask the parents about their history.

I’m sorry miss.

We only know that these souvenirs were left in the family home of our Aunt Eugenia Maternicka, in the house in Włochy near Warsaw. Each of these things has its own history, each can tell something about the life and customs of our family and our ancestors. The only thing is to activate this extraordinary collective memory and imagination.

I envy those who can tell more about their family mementoes sent to the GA.PA gallery, at the same time mention their relatives and leave a scrap of memory about them for eternity.

If I can send my reflection here – I know, this is also an example of our lack of time, but I believe that the GA.PA virtual gallery stops time on the run, allows everyone in need, at any time of the day or night, for a moment of rest, support and a smile of memories. It’s so beautiful to imagine another person, you, who are just thinking about this or that memory.

Max – Tadeusz Wysocki

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