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A charming family heirloom – Great-Grandma’s box and a papier-mâché plate (?)

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We would like to kindly ask you to put one more family memento in the GA.PA National Gallery, which we want to share with the visitors of the gallery, this time after our Great-Grandmother:

Here is our amateur digital photograph of Maria Siemiginowska’s great-grandmother’s box from the 19th century, the inscription on it: MARYA,
places related to this souvenir: Ukraine – Lviv Stanisławowskie – Krakow.
According to family tradition, Prababia kept her most valuable letters and souvenirs there. Unfortunately, the contents of this box passed away with our Great Grandmother.
This box is a relic for our family, a thing of our common imagination – well, sometimes we still have to learn our national tradition and history.

Yours sincerely,

I am very sorry to the GA.PA gallery, really the last family memento (from the collection of the Great Grandfather, Krakow), quite original, unfortunately also with a lot of open answers:

Paper mache plate (?)
China / Japan … (?)
Early 19th century … (?)
The inscription on the plate … (?)
We would be grateful if someone visiting the gallery he helped us answer even some of these questions.
Warm greetings!

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