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Collect the passing scraps of the past, because of them the present, the future and an explanation of everything

The above motto comes from the first version of the virtual gallery, maybe even the GA.PA gallery (GAleria PAmiątek Rodzinnych / GAleria PAmięć) from 2002 (the first trial version was released to the public in 2019, other websites were created in the following years, modeled on GA.PA and we are proud of it), where we asked others to share their family mementos and memories. This first GA.PA was created thanks to the inspiration of friends from all over the world who wanted to share their memories with us and asked to create a web zone free from any organization and authority. To respect these and other exhibits sent so far, in 2022 we decided to reactivate this free GA.PA virtual gallery in a new version.


We count on further family mementos and memories sent to the GA.PA virtual gallery of collective memory and imagination – from all those for whom money or power are less important, and for whom respect for loved ones and sharing memories with others is extremely valuable.

These pieces of family past are part of our national cultural heritage and it is worth protecting them from oblivion.





“Collective Memory and Imagination” – the part of theory given on one of the gallery GA.PA pages:

“Thus developing sicence, basing on such family memories, souvenirs, images, symbols, customs, inspirations – says, that the collective memory and imagination makes it possible to connect the past, present and future. But here we need to cool down the expectations of others, waiting for a kind of fortune-telling for every human being. It is not about predicting individual fate, but predicting a smaller (including family) or larger social group or nation in relation to various events – for example, behavior towards the outbreak of war (readiness to help victims of war), natural disasters, various social events or various social reactions to various decions of the changing authorities.”

Our plans for 2022 and beyond – new versions of virtual galleries for sharing memory with others: GA.PO National Gallery – Travel Gallery – here is a link to the first list of exhibits and their content from the technologically outdated version of the GA.PO gallery from 2002 ( we apologize for the quality of the website): https://old.narodowa.pl/ga_po/lista.htm. In addition to the new version of GA.PO, we plan to revive other virtual galleries in the future, such as Narodowa GA.MI, Narodowa GA.ART, etc.

Notes on navigation in the GA.PA gallery: To see a given exhibit, tap / click once on a given photo or its description. To enlarge a given photo or scan in a given exhibit, and so on – tap / click twice. Note about freedom in the GA.PA gallery – there is no assessment of others when placing an exhibit in the gallery – here the applicant for the exhibit is its creator and can interfere with the content of his exhibit at any time and place.

Notes on the Field of Senses – Communicators in the GA.PA gallery: This field is a proposal, a leaven, an idea of ​​future functions in the GA.PA gallery as part of our Collective Imagination, as part of joint creative development, also in anticipation of other suggestions received from visitors to the gallery. If now the person submitting his souvenir to the GA.PA gallery does not wish to have this Field next to his Exhibit – it is possible to turn it off in the gallery when submitting his exhibit.


Supporters of the GA.PA National Virtual Gallery:

Main Sympathizer 2002-2022: Marek Bogatek, Sydney, Australia

Main Donator of Exhibits 2002+: Tadeusz Sokołowski, Warsaw



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